What will my check amount be ?

This is the most important detail in the sale of a home! It is of extreme importance to make sure that you know within a few dollars the answer to this.

Before you list your home, I will ask you if you have a Mortgage payoff. I will also ask you how much do you expect to walk away with at closing. All these will be taken into consideration when I list your home to make sure we are not upside down at closing.

When you receive an offer, I will help you to determine what you’ll net at the close of escrow. In order to do this, we will both look over the terms of the contract, other considerations are mortgage payoff, and tax proration, pre payment penalty fees.

Here’s a few items to take into consideration to determine your bottom line:

  1. Mortgage Payoff
  2. Tax Proration
  3. Deed Preparation
  4. Brokerage Fees
  5. Seller Paid Closing Cost (if applicable) your choice
  6. Deed filing fee of 1.00 per 1000 of sales price in Kentucky

I will review these costs with you, and determine approximately what you can expect to net at closing.