Getting Ready to List

Preparing Your Home to List
You’ve made the decision to sell, and have completed all the necessary paperwork. There are several ways to make your house more sell-able, and in turn, receive a top dollar offer. Here are some basic tips for preparing your home for showings:

  1. Tidy your yard. Trimming bushes, cutting grass, fresh mulch and adding in a few pots of brightly colored flowers can make your house so much more inviting.
  2. Make sure your front door area is fresh and clean looking. Sweep area and repaint front door if necessary.
  3. Get rid of clutter. Move unnecessary furniture into storage or into the garage and store out-of-season clothing. Clearing out spaces in rooms and closets can make your home appear much larger.
  4. Make minor repairs that can make a bad impression. Items such as torn screens, leaky faucets and drywall cracks can scare away a potential Buyer. Also remember to replace any burnt out light bulbs.
  5. A clean smelling home goes a long way. Open a few windows, clean carpeting and drapes to eliminate odors, and consider soft candles or air fresheners to give an inviting scent.
  6. Keep home in exceptionally clean condition. Make sure all windows and blinds are clean, and all switch plates, doors and molding are extra clean.

I hope these tips have been helpful to you. When visiting your home, I may share additional ideas that will help you prepare for showing your home and receiving top dollar.