Qualified Buyers

Buyers should speak with a lender before looking at property in order to determine what they can afford. I always encourage Buyers to talk to their lenders to see what payment they are comfortable with and make sure we are looking in the right price range.

When I present an offer to you, a letter or pre-approval form from their Lender should accompany it. If it is a cash buyer I will request proof of funds from their banking institution.

Before you decide to accept an offer from a buyer, I will speak with the lender or agent to confirm that the mortgage can be obtained under the terms of the purchase contract. Here are some important questions that I will ask.

  1. Has the buyer applied and been pre-approved for the loan?
  2. What is the expected number of days we can expect to close in?
  3. Does the Buyer have enough money to pay for the closing costs and down payment?

Knowing these answers will help us be able to move forward with the closing process.